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I Am Not a YouTube Sensation

But I am okay with that.

Pauline Baird Jones, YouTube

I’m hardly a YouTube sensation, but I did hit 75,000 views as April rolled in.

Blink, blink.

I’m a little stunned, okay a lot stunned that 75k people looked at videos I posted. (This is a lifetime total, keep in mind and it includes my first, stumbling steps into video.)

Keep in mind that I originated in Wyoming, a place where understated is a way of life. Yes, there is drama here and dramatic people.

I am not one of them. Honestly, I’ve considered myself a pretty boring person, other than the whole book writing thing, but a friend suggested that I share my little stories on YouTube, so I gave it a try. 

I will have to admit it is kind of fun sharing crazy bits of stories from my past. I was born last century and I’m kind of a zoo exhibit now, don’t you think? 

It’s also been interesting to see what resonates with viewers. For instance, I got lots of views for the video of my grandkids doing a coordinated flip off the window ledge. (Not a surprise, it was super cute.)

Deer strolling through the neighborhood are also very popular. I’m not taking it personally. Lol

The stories I think are very fun often do the worst, while stories I wonder what I was thinking to post them do very well. 

Go figure.

I did a video on me trying to deep fake myself and I think YouTube suppressed it. At least, that what I tell myself. 🙄

In a comment on one video, a guy asked me why he should care? I told him I have no idea. 😂 

I guess it could make you feel better about yourself. 😂 

I mostly go to YouTube to find out how to do something. We have this weird automatic lock on the door to our garage and the first time I had to change the battery? 


I’m still amazed that someone took the time to explain how to do that. 

Do you browse YouTube? What type of videos are you drawn to? 

Oh, and welcome to April! (I April fooled myself by forgetting to raise the price of Worry Beads in my store, so it’s still .99 there if you happened to miss out on the sale.)

All my very best,


P.S. The winners of my Let the Good Times Roll Giveaway have been picked and notified! Thank you to everyone who played along with me!

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