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Hey Bookworms and Adventure-seekers! 📚🚀

I'm back from my stay-cation!

Just in Time, Telling Time, Pauline Baird Jones, Kickstarter

Let me tell you, I’ve come a long way from being a book-hungry small-town gal with only a dusty library and an insatiable love for penny candy (easier to buy than books!). 🍭

Now? Holy moly, Batman, the book world is my oyster—or should I say Kindle? 📱💥 Reader-me is living the dream: from Amazon to Apple Books, I’ve got all the apps, and let’s not even talk about my Kickstarter addiction. (Spoiler: I’m a super-backer and proud of it. Somebody stop me! 😂) 

But author-me is also leveling up! I’ve been using Kickstarter as a bat-signal to help you find me! Okay, okay, the camera makes my jowls look like they’re stealing the show, but hey, they’re just tryin’ to make it in Hollywood like everyone else. 📸🌟

And, oh boy, my vacation? More like a staycation with the #GrandmaProject—good vibes and even better snacks! 🍪

So, stick around! There’s more book-y awesomeness coming your way, right here and over on Oh, and bring your favorite beverage and let’s talk books! 📚 🍷☕🥤

Perilously (and hilariously) yours,

Pauline 🌈


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