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Friday (short) Video and some (short) links. :-)

I know I am not tall. In fact, I am quite short, despite putting it on my wish list in a variety of situations. I even used to ask my hair stylist to make me taller. Never happened. My nieces and nephews used to measure themselves against me when I’d visit, looking for that moment they were taller than me. I told them to aim higher. A lot of the world is taller than me. Eventually they all achieved higher. Some are even seriously tall. But I’m not bitter.

So yeah, I know I’m short. But some weeks, it just seems as if the universe is determined to remind me, again, that I’m short. (Thank you, Universe.) I was shopping with my daughter-in-law for her couch. I sat in a chair while she mulled and realized it was a chair that fit me. When it reclined, I still fit! You know I bought it.  

Pauline Baird Jones, writer, author, steampunk, science fiction romance author, romantic suspense author

Notice the HUGE chair in the background. Yeah, I needed smaller!

Now I’m sitting comfortable, but the short theme has persisted, brought home to me yet again when I was able to walk under the hanging lamp (soon to be over breakfast nook table) without bumping my head. Yeah. Was inevitable that Randy Newman’s “Short People” would start to play in my head. And become my Friday video.

[youtuber youtube=’’]

I was going to link to some good, short people jokes, but I couldn’t find any, so if you know a good joke, share it in the comments (and you’ll be entered for the AnaBanana Gift Card). No really, I googled and everything and they were pretty lame. Lame jokes will still get entered, but will not earn an LOL from me.

Since I couldn’t make you laugh with short people jokes, let’s get our laughs over “missed connections.” You heard me. Jenny Hansen and Natalie Hartford have been scanning the missed connections ads with hilarious (and scary) results. Now me, I’d be happy to keep missing some of these people, but they are pretty funny. So here are some truly funny links:

Jenny Hansen of More Cowbell asks, “Which of these train wrecks needs the most dating advice?” (I voted for the gas passing guy, because I totally think he blamed her for a bomb he dropped.)

And at Natalie Hartford’s Life Out Loud, the contest is over, but still hilarious when she asked visitors to spot the fake. (Don’t forget to follow the link to Jenny Hansen, cause she played, too and it’s a scream!)

And because I couldn’t think of anything short to link to, I’ll finish with a rendition of “Short People,” but with ukeleles because they’re kind of a short instrument. Or at least little, right?

[youtuber youtube=’’]

Now you can go forth, rejoicing in your height. Unless you’re short, too. Short or tall, leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the drawing for the $10 AnaBanana Card of tall and wonderful. I pick a winner the first blog post of the new month, so be sure to check back! And that’s all for this Friday.

Perilously (and shortly) yours,


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