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What Will First Contact Look Like?

light shining down from sky

Looks like incoming aliens to me…

One of the things I mull a lot, particularly on Through the Wormhole Friday, is if, or when First Contact will happen. We’ve seen the movies (where it mostly goes wrong!) and pondered what it would be like.

As part of the release of Pets in Space, I wrote a guest blog on this very topic and I thought you might have missed it:

For a long time, the Hubs and I have lived in cities, even though both of us grew up in small towns. The big city was where the job was, so we went where the job sent us.

I’ve recently come home, both physically and in my heart. I find myself remembering so many things I hadn’t thought about for years.

When I was little, on hot summer nights, we could throw sleeping bags out on the front lawn. As cool stole slowly in to replace the heat, the stars would come out, one, two, then in a burst—like a party in the sky.

We’d lay on our backs and look up at stars and moon and wonder and dream.

Did anyone live on the moon?

What was beyond the moon?

Were there others like us?

Would we ever meet them?

I know. Roswell. But I wouldn’t call crashing a space ship and some alien autopsies a “meeting.” But as a writer, as a dreamer, I still wonder what THE meeting will be like (yes, I still believe).

My hopes for first contact include (but are not limited to):

Keep reading and then return and share your thoughts!

So what do you think? What do you hope? What should we ask?

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