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#DeadSpaces Inspired, um, Dead Spaces (haha)

I know it is a bit weird to be inspired by a cemetery...

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I know it is a bit weird to be inspired by a cemetery, but New Orleans cemeteries are pretty amazing to someone who was raised in Wyoming where all the graves are below ground. In New Orleans, they call the cemeteries “dead spaces.” 

I’ve written before about what an experience it was to go from Wyoming to Louisiana, and New Orleans has inspired several books for me, including Dead Spaces, the second book in my Big Uneasy series. 

Here’s a snippet from the book: 

cemeteryAn exhumation didn’t make a lot of bucket lists. Not that Hannah Baker dared write her bucket list down. Life with many siblings had taught her not to leave a paper trail if she could help it. And she wasn’t sure she wanted a bucket list. It didn’t seem like a good idea to have a list of things to do before she died when she worked in one of the “dead spaces” of New Orleans—the Coroner’s Center—as a forensic surgeon.

Hannah has many problems in Dead Spaces, including her 12 siblings—7 brothers!—murder and romance. I love this review about Dead Spaces on Amazon:

“This was such a fun read. I love how Ms. Jones captures the beat of New Orleans and makes the city a character unto itself. She has a very easy style that makes reading her books a comfortable experience but still manages to keep you on your toes. I highly recommend this one and I look forward to reading her next offering.”

For me, New Orleans is a character unto itself. If you’d like to take a trip to the Big Easy without leaving home (though I’m sad you’ll miss the food!), dive into the second installment in the Big Easy series! 

Here is the blurb:

Be careful what you dig for…

A forensic surgeon in the New Orleans Coroner’s Office—and part of her dad’s Baker’s Dozen—Hannah Baker thought she knew where to dig, how and what to slice, and when to walk away. 

But when her big brother gets her involved in the exhumation of a couple of old coffins, she cemetery rowrealizes the past can’t be ignored. Not when it’s been simmering up a big pile of trouble for longer than Hannah’s born days. 

Only New Orleans could produce a “Baked” gumbo of the mob, shadowy figures from the past, annoying figures from the present, murders, attempted murders, and a really cute detective who is technically off-limits on account of he’s her big brother’s partner.

Good thing NOPD Detective Logan Ferris doesn’t know the meaning of “off-limits,” cuz once more the Big Easy is getting mighty uneasy. 

Grab the second installment in a series reviewers are “grinning and loving.”

If you could go to New Orleans right now, what would you most like to see? 

Perilously yours,


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