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Dang #Wormhole Wore Me Out & a Sneak Peek!

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Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Not everything has to be about a wormhole. It can be about post-wormhole, because I would imagine it is exhausting to go through one, don’t you?

I know my characters in Found Girl thought it was exhausting. Here’s the first sneak peek! Ha! You didn’t see that coming, did you?

“The Boyington is entering the anomaly,” she said.

“What?” The scientist’s word ended on a high-pitched shriek as the Boyington lurched from more impacts, then the spin of the anomaly applied spin to the ship as the engines began to lose the battle.

Her fingers flexed, but she’d done all she could from here.

“Shields are down to fifty percent and dropping,” she intoned. The spin increased, centrifugal force building.

Multiple impacts from the rocks in the anomaly could not stop the inexorable and increasing rotation. Coop shouted something, but the words sounded slow and far away. There was a sideways yank as the anomaly engulfed the ship. More circuits popped, and her screens all went dark.

She felt Coop’s arm go around her waist.

They both staggered, as they fought the pull toward the outer wall.

The spin increased.

Someone slammed into them.

She felt Coop stagger, felt him fight to keep them upright.

He couldn’t.

His arms wrapped around her as they went down. She felt the jolt as they hit the deck. Felt her legs lifting over her head as she somersaulted toward the wall—

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Perilously yours,


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