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Classic Gothic Author: Mary Elgin

Have you ever read any of her books?

Mary Elgin books

I thought it would be fun to end the month with author Mary Elgin. I was looking for a different book and found her on my keeper bookshelf. She only wrote three books, which is a pity, because she does the brooding, angsty gothic so well! 

I own all three books, but one of them (The Wood and the Trees) is still in storage and I couldn’t get a picture of it. The funny thing about that third book, I didn’t even know it existed until the internet came along. The story is somewhat different from her other two, but it was still “beguiling.” 

I purchased the other two for 95 cents each. Can you imagine that? And I had to save up my allowance to do that. Lol 

I think I read HIGHLAND MASQUERADE first, then moved on to MAN FROM THE MIST, but MIST is actually the first book (or rather the characters from MIST appear in MASQUERADE). 

These are both classic Gothics, IMHO. I looked them up and the prices have gone up a lot since I got mine for 95 cents! You’ll note the classic gothic elements on the covers, too. 

Gothics were probably my first introduction to the romance genre. My grandma used to let me read the ones she considered suitable for me. Lol I channeled many of them when I wrote DANGEROUS DANCE. It is my only gothic for now, though I do have a cover and a desire to write another one. 

Do you ever read Gothics? Who was your favorite gothic author? I have a long list. Lol

Perilously yours,


P.S. “A DANGEROUS DANCE is as dark and sinister as a French Quarter alley.” If you’re feeling the urge for a gothic read, I hope you’ll check it out! 

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