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Christmas Parade in Cody!

Snowman on tractor!

Christmas parade

Tractor On Parade
A decorated tractor pulls a decorated wagon during the annual Christmas Parade in Cody, Wyoming Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The hubs made it downtown for the Christmas parade. I was a wimp. It was dark and cold. But I got to see the photos and they are fun. Do they have a Christmas or holiday parade where you are? Would you/did you go?

Hope the month is kicking off well for you and yours!

Perilously yours,


If you have mixed feelings about the holidays, you’re not alone. Gini, in Open with Care, thought she knew how bad her Christmas was going to be, but how could she expect aliens on the roof? “…rocks, rolls, and rules Christmas for scifi fans…”

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