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Telling Time

Get lost in time with the daring time-traveling operatives who must race against all odds to save the world!

The thrilling conclusion to the award-winning romantic time travel adventure series, Out of Time Stories, by USA Today Bestselling author Pauline Baird Jones 

Time and romance collide as the clock ticks down…

Rogue time travelers, Mel and Jack Hamilton embark on a daring mission to identify a malevolent and mysterious force threatening the world. 

They aren’t the only ones in trouble. Rita Graven, a time-traveling operative, is on the run from her own team. Her only hope is to ask a handsome stranger for help, unaware that he is a time traveler, too. 

In a volatile dance that ripples through time, the group of time-seasoned travelers must cross epochs, with the relentless tick of the clock as their only soundtrack. Can they outwit a future conspiracy designed to obliterate all opposition to their adversary’s control over time travel, or will they run out of time… literally? 

Get lost in the thrilling conclusion to the award-winning romantic time travel adventure Out of Time Stories series where the future is out of time, and the stakes have never been higher!

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