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Book Brush is my New Crush

It used to be called Covers Sell Books...

So, I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but something called Covers Sell Books appeared in my email. Creating promotional graphics is harder than coming up with words for me, so I clicked on the link, gave it a trial run and was hooked.

It was fast.

It was easy.

It creates 3D images of your book cover right there inside the program. You can add text, resize and move things around…

I didn’t have to use three or four different programs to assemble the various elements. They had/have a Facebook group where you can get feedback on your design elements (again, my weakest part), and their team sometimes weighs in with suggestions and search terms to try while looking for images (also a challenge for me). 

Click on the picture to go watch the video. 🙂

It was good when I first tried it, but they have been working on making it better since then. They take suggestions from authors and have added features and continue to ask for feedback.

And they changed their name to Book Brush. 

So, I have a crush on Book Brush. 

I did this in about ten minutes with Book Brush. And then I used it to make a video to use in Instagram and on Facebook. 

It can get a little glitchy because the program is web-based and we authors ask a lot of them, but their tech support is great and I’ve surprised myself by working through a small glitch all by myself. [Pats self on back]

As you can see from the pricing below, you can use it for free, though the video option (which is in beta) is only available to paid subscribers. 

You can see another review of the beta video creation here and she offers a coupon code for the paid option. (KIMCHANCE20 for 20% off a paid plan)

As an early adopter, I got a discount, but I have to say, I’d pay full price for this. The savings in time, well, it’s almost like time travel, it saves you so much time. And you know how much I love time travel. Haha

If you aren’t an author and don’t need graphics, then this blog post won’t help you much, but if you know an author who is struggling with graphics creation, sent them the link!

Perilously yours,


big uneasy banner

I made this image with Book Brush, too.

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