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Spring! Everything’s Better With Bluebonnets On It

Mound of Color

Do you remember spring when you were little? The spring cleaning as windows were flung wide so that fresh air could flow into musty rooms? And in school, sitting trapped in a desk while outside the weather is glorious and enticing and calling to you to shed winter clothes and run free?

Spring may trigger your allergies, but you have to admit it smells really good. And enticing when you’re stuck at a desk in the last dregs of the school year. (Yes, I used the word dregs because even the teachers were sick of teaching by that point.)

We’ve had a lot of not-winters followed by not-springs down here the last few years. We’ve had springs that look and feel a lot like summer, in fact, for too many years. This winter we could a) call it winter without feeling totally sheepish; and b) we needed to turn on the heat and not just for a few hours. There were days in a row there that I had the heat on. I had a heating BILL and was glad for it. Winter did what winter does. It was cold and windy and there were a few trials, like the #GrandmaProject going long distance.

But on its heels we got this spring. It’s outside right now. And it is glorious.

I go outside and the air feels like silk flowing across winter white arms and ankles. (I’m too wimpy as yet for more than capris.) I look around and there’s green grass and leaves and flowers. Oh, the flowers!

I don’t mind the allergies because my spirits have totally taken flight. And along with the spirits, my creativity is kicking on again. Words have hit the page. Lots of words. Not enough to finish the new novel yet, but I did finish a new short story (collection releasing in May) and am halfway through the first draft of the new novel.

I kind of feel like my brain is getting spring cleaned like our house used to. Ideas are falling out of dusty corners. LOL I did an update last week, my interview “selfie,” that is totally a blame-it-on-spring deal. I have folders and notes and MPD (multiple personality disorder) with all the characters clamoring for me to finally get to them.

So, in an ironic twist, here I am, head down, at a DESK writing. But this time I’m here by choice, not because of a gimlet-eyed teacher longing for her summer break. Oh, and if you didn’t “get” the blog title, here’s the old ad:

So how is spring treating you? Should I ask? I know my sister sent me a snow photo just a week or so ago, but come on, don’t you love spring a little? Comments are entered into my drawing for an AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value) and a winner will be announced the first blog post of the new month.

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Perilously yours,


They (you know, THEY) say that custom tweets are the best tweets, so here’s one for you if you care what THEY say:

“Everything’s better with #bluebonnets on it – especially spring! #springcleaning #perilousp”

Spring is also about romance and taking chances…

Take a Chance on Me Cover art

Is it time to take a chance on love…4 stories, 4 chances…

You can buy this right now at your favorite online bookseller. 🙂

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