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A list of all my published books.

The Big Uneasy Series:

Relatively Risky 

Family Treed 

Dead Spaces

Big Uneasy Bundle

Louisiana Lagniappe

Worry Beads

Fais Do Do Die

Speculative Fiction:

An Uneasy Future Series 

Core Punch 1.0

Sucker Punch 2.0

One Two Punch (bundle of both books)

Out of Time; EPPIE Winner. 2006 (reissued in 2010)

Just in Time, An Out of Time Story (releasing 2020)

Project Enterprise (connected) books:

(1) The Key; Bronze IPPY and Dream Realm Award winner; 2007 

(2) Girl Gone Nova, EPIC Book Award Winner

(3) Tangled in Time 

(4) Steamrolled 

(5) Kicking Ashe, 2012

(5.0) Project Enterprise: The Short Stories

(6) Found Girl: Project Enterprise 6

(7) Lost Valyr

(8) Maestra Rising

Project Enterprise Bundle 1

Project Enterprise Bundle 2

Project Enterprise Bundle 3

Specters in the Storm

Open with Care (includes two novellas, one by Genie Davis)

Nebula Nine

Time Trap, A Project Enterprise Story

Operation Ark, A Project Enterprise Story

Cyborg’s Revenge, A Project Enterprise Story

Code Blue, A Project Enterprise Story (free)

The Real Dragon

Comedy/Suspense Fiction:

Do Wah Diddy DieEppie nominee; 2001 (reissued in 2010) (also in a bundle)

The Spy Who Kissed Me (also known as Pig in a Park), 1999. reissued in 2010 (also available in a bundle)

Do Wah Diddy Delete

Perilously Fun Fiction Bundle (includes all of above)

Short Story collections:

Let’s Fall in Love – A Romance Collection 

Do Wah Diddy Delete

Project Enterprise: The Short Stories

Lonesome Lawmen Series (contemporary romantic suspense):

(1) The Last EnemyRomantic Times Reviewer’s Choice winner, 2001, reissued in 2011

(2) Byte MeEppie nominee. 2001, reissued in 2011

(3) Missing YouRomantic Times Reviewer’s Choice winner. 2002, reissued in 2011

Lonesome Mamashort story), reissued in 2011

Lonesome Lawmen Bundle (includes all three novels and short story)

Lonesome Lawmen 2 & 3 (includes Byte Me and Missing You)

Gothic Fiction:

Dangerous Dance;  Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee

Dangerous Duet (2021)

Out of Print:

Pets in Space (1)

Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2

Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3

Pets in Space 4

Edge of Never

Nebula Nights

Love on the Edge

Top Guns in Time and Space

Mystery of the Green Mist

Romance of my Dreams II

Death in Texas

A Box of Texas Chocolates

Dead and Breakfast

Ghostly Dreamspell

Dreamspell Steampunk


Adapting Your Novel for Film; 2009

Made-up Mayhem; 2009

Managing Your Book Writing Business; 2008

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