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Behind the Keyboard: The Unseen Side of a Wyoming Wordsmith

Mild-mannered prairie dweller or bespectacled bard of havoc?

Pauline Baird Jones author

“I really thought I knew you,” a buddy remarked after perusing my first novels. 

It’s a bit like discovering Clark Kent is more than his day job at the Daily Planet. In my version, I’m all about the glasses – not for disguise, but for unleashing my imagination.

You see, without my glasses, I’m just your regular Wyomingite, blending into the wide open spaces or small town life. But once those lenses are on, and I’m facing the glow of my computer, it’s a whirlwind of creative chaos from my fingertips, and my neurons fire up to join the party. 😂

So, who do you reckon you’re acquainted with? The mild-mannered prairie dweller or the bespectacled bard of havoc?

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