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Becoming a Reader

I don’t remember the exact moment I became a reader—as opposed to someone who reads from necessity.

Becoming a Reader-Pauline Baird Jones

I don’t remember the exact moment I became a reader—as opposed to someone who reads from necessity.

I just know that from that point on, my imaginary life became more magical and my real life took on richer hues as my world got bigger. 

In case you haven’t figured that out already, I love to read. I mostly love to read fiction, though I have read a lot of nonfiction, both to learn and as research in my writing. 

But like a lot of readers, it is challenging to find the books you like to read. 

That’s pretty much why I started writing. 

I used to inhale books and my favorite authors were either already dead or they couldn’t keep up with my demand.

My standards aren’t terribly high (haha).

I want an exciting and romantic, well-written book.

See, no problem. Well, one problem.

There are a lot of exciting and romantic, well-written books out there, but a lot of them include something I don’t enjoy in my books: those steamy scenes. 

Yes, I flip past the steamy scenes.

If you’ve read any books of mine, then you know I’m a fade-to-black author. It is also called “closed door” romance. 

In the movies, they’d shift the scene to a fire buring in a fireplace, or waves rolling ashore, with music rising into a crescendo. Lol 

In early TV shows, married couples slept in single beds. (My dad used to say anyone who actually slept in a single bed was wearing out the rug in betweeen. Haha)

I don’t need to see that either. Lol

I don’t need to see a couple getting up close and personal to feel satisfied and happy at the close of a book. 

A kiss, a hug or two, some serious declarations of intent, and I’m happy to imagine them walking off into the sunset and living their life together. 

For me, that’s a happy ever after. 

Does this describe you? Are you a sex-scene page flipper?

I have some exciting news…on Wednesday!

Be sure to come back and read all about it! 

This is just going to be a short post today, because I’ll be posting Dec 1–in two days–FOR A SPECIAL REASON.

That’s right. Something cool is going to happen on the blog Dec 1 and elsewhere, and I hope you’ll pop back to find out all about it! I’m so excited I can hardly wait!

Perilously yours,


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