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Be The Birds and Not the Tourist #hubsphoto

A bit of a ramble, book news, and #deals

birds on a buffalo

Perched on a Bison
Two brownheaded cowbirds sit atop an American Bison bull along the shore Lake Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park Wyoming. Historically throughout North America, brownheaded cowbirds associate with bison, catching the insects flushed from the grass by the grazing animals. This photo was taken on the first day the Park was open after the COVID-19 closures. Only the two Wyoming entrances to the Park were open. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Does it sometimes feel like we’re all perched on a bison as the country opens up? 

The hubs took this the first day Yellowstone opened (on the second day a tourist got too close to one of these bad boys). Is there a metaphor here? Personally, not a fan of metaphors. Lol But life likes to deliver them sometimes. So let’s go with…

Be the birds and not the tourist?


So what did I do with our “easing of the guidelines (we were never ordered to stay in, but a lot of places I liked to go to were closed) last week?

I had lunch out with my sister. It was awesome to sit in a restaurant and eat and chat. There’s something about sitting across a table not your own, with a soft drink, chips, and salsa and just chatting. We had the special and it was so relaxing. 

And then I stayed in for the most part and worked on two projects. haha I was a hermit before, so not a surprise I’m still a hermit.

So book news: one novel is getting close. The other project felt closer on Thursday and then fell flat on Friday. I think I just ran out of steam, so I took it easy over the weekend to recharge my batteries. 

I think I might have a release this summer. Before the pandemic, I thought I’d have a release this spring or early summer and maybe a new installment in one of my other series. 


I should rename my blog “Pandemic Happened,” instead of “Life Happens.” Or into the brain fog…

The possible release (fingers so crossed!) was my “off book” project. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s a book that my readers have been asking for the last, gulp, fourteen years. Yup. It’s a follow-up book to OUT OF TIME. If you’ve looked in the back of my books, you probably already know the title (if your book is an updated copy). I have the cover but haven’t done a reveal yet. It’s totally superstitious of me. I’m afraid if I say too much, it will all fall apart. 

I told my daughter at the beginning of the pandemic, if I died, she had to finish it and make sure it got released. And she promised she would. (It will be easier now. It’s really close. And I hope I didn’t jinx it. Lol) 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cover:

cover sneak peek

I also have some deals running on Kobo ONLY. They are having a 40% off boxed sets sale. Two of my boxed sets are in the sale: Use MAYSALE at checkout for 40% off until 5/27! That’s only TWO days so I hope you won’t miss out! 

Project Enterprise Mega Bundle            Perilously Fun Fiction Bundle

promo image

Deal is at KOBO ONLY!

And don’t forget that three of my “first in series” are free for a limited time at all vendors!

promo image

So which were you this week? The bird or the tourist (hoping you’re the birds!)

Perilously yours,


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