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Through the #Wormhole to another planet #SFR

Captured cover art

Oh the places you’ll go! In science fiction and sci-fi romance, world-building is the process of creating an imaginary place, which includes developing geography, history, culture, language, government, religion, etc.  Sci-fi is one of the most setting-dependent genres.

In the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series I engage in some literal world-building by creating alien planets and celestial bodies. While some scenes occur on space ships, shuttle ports, space stations, and Terra itself, others occur on those alien worlds. Here’s the lowdown on the places readers will travel to in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series:

DeltaNu9084 – Featured in Stranded with the Cyborg (book 1). An uninhabited, heavily forested planet where the hero and heroine crash land. All is not as it appears; the planet has a dark secret.

Darius 4 – A terra-formed dwarf planet (created in honor of poor downgraded Pluto) that is a sex resort staffed by android pleasure workers. It’s a key setting in Mated with the Cyborg (book 2). Readers will get a kick out of it.

Faria – A planet of alien beings who have very special powers and qualities, some positive, some not so positive. The Farian people are considered to the most beautiful in all of the galaxy. Alas, their handsomeness can mask sociopathic tendencies. Faria is highlighted in Captured by the Cyborg (book 3).

Katnia – A planet of panther-like creatures who hunt for sexual pleasure. The Ka-Tȇ, as the race is called,  have hunted to extinction every animal species on their planet. They are considered vicious and dangerous. As a result, the Association of Planets has placed them on the travel warning list. Katnia is mentioned in Mated with the Cyborg, and plays a role in Captured with the Cyborg.

Xenia – A pacifist planet caught in a tug-of-war between good and evil. The fate of Xenia is one of the drivers of Stranded with the Cyborg and it plays a role in Captured with the Cyborg. It’s a beautiful, unusual planet teeming unusual wildlife.

Lamis-Odg – the desert planet that is home to the Lamis-Odg people, the Cy-Ops arch villains who are terrorizing the galaxy. A Lamis-Odg space station outpost serves as one of the main settings of Mated with the Cyborg.

Naran – A beautiful lavender and orange planet orbited by the moon Deceptio. The planet is composed of poisonous gas. I drew the name from the Spanish word naranjo, meaning orange.

Deceptio – Deceptio is Latin for deception because what you see is deceiving. Deceptio appears to be a desolate, barren moon, but it hides an underground spacecraft factory. It’s the key setting of  Captured by the Cyborg. No one enters…or leaves the facility without the hero’s permission. That includes the heroine.

Captured by the Cyborg Description

Sometimes the biggest risk is to one’s heart….

A science fiction romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol

An ex-Cyber Operations field agent, Dale Homme has kissed danger and betrayal more times than he cares to count. Now he runs a clandestine factory beneath the surface of the moon Deceptio, where confidentiality and security matter more than anything. When a beautiful young woman arrives seeking a job, Dale knows within minutes she’s lying. Everything about her is false: her past, the people she claims to know, her reason for being on Deceptio. Illumina Smith? Even her name is an alias.

Logic says send her packing. His gut says she’s in trouble. She needs him. So he’ll do anything to keep her safe….even if it means keeping her captive.

Captured by the Cyborg is third in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series but is written to be read as a stand-alone novella.

Captured by the Cyborg Excerpt

Dale slapped his knees. “Here’s what’s going to happen. First, to put your mind at rest, let me assure you that Alonio is no threat to me. I’m a cyborg. Keeping people safe is what I do. He might succeed in drawing a little blood, but I’ll wipe up the mess with his ass. Second, while I doubt he can gain access to Deceptio, as a precaution, I’ll amp up security.”

“About that…” She had to tell him how she’d changed the entry protocol. He wouldn’t like that she’d gone behind his back. “I need to tell you…”

He held up his hand. “Let me finish. Third, you are not going anywhere. You’re staying right here where I can protect you.”

The autocratic edict set her teeth on edge. “You can’t keep me here!” She hadn’t fought so hard for her freedom and safety only to be dictated to by another man, however well intentioned. She was nobody’s captive!

“Yes, I can.”

Let him try! “As you’ve realized,” she said, “I’m a master sensate. A computer system doesn’t exist that I can’t infiltrate. I can hijack one of your spaceships and be gone before you realize there was a breach. Your entry and exit protocols, for instance—”

He leaned in until his breath caressed her ear, and he whispered, “Did your orientation tour happen to include a visit to the brig?”

He was threatening to lock her up? She jerked away and rounded on him. “What are you saying?”

“Moonbeam’s isolation can cause people to go a little crazy. We haven’t had anyone snap yet, but the possibility exists. You could be the first ward of the Deceptio jail.”

“I can access computer-controlled doors, too!” She crossed her arms.

He laughed. “You and half the employees on Deceptio—which is why they’re not computer controlled.” From his pocket he pulled out a metal ring and dangled some odd-shaped jagged objects. “Good old-fashioned locks and keys. The best antiques money can buy.”

She leaped off the bench. “You’d imprison me?”

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USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has published more than twenty-five erotic romance titles, including contemporary and science fiction romance.  No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Cara Bristol website | New Release Newsletter | Amazon Author page

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I’d like to thank, Cara for sharing her wormhole with us today. Still chuckling over the antique keys. So, peeps, would you take the wormhole — or catch a ride — to another planet?

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