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Almond Joy Pieces and Other “Important” Stuff

I like coconut and chocolate

I like coconut and chocolate, and so does my sister, so when one of us finds some good coconut/chocolate combo, we let each know it. She found the Almond Joy pieces first and gets total credit for a seriously good find. There are other “pieces” in this release and I’m willing to give them a try now that I know that possible goodness awaits inside the bags. The M&M’s Coconut were good, but in addition to being a limited edition and seriously hard to find, they also didn’t have visible coconut bits. So, today I’m feeling like a nut.

And onto other stuff. I don’t know about anyone else, but my TBR doesn’t always have a well defined hierarchy. I try read books in the order I buy them, but sometimes other issues come into play. I recently received Jasper Fforde’s latest novel, Shades of Gray. Normally it would have to wait, but my son likes his books, too, so I had to bump it up the list. I finished it last Saturday and overall, I liked it. It was unsettling, however. There are two more books planned in the series and I will read them. But while this has his signature wackiness, weirdness and where-am-I factor, it also has more darkness than his other two series.

Now, when I’m writing, I don’t do a lot of reading. I have lots of possibly Freudian reasons for this, but it just IS. But I was curious. I have been hearing some good buzz about Darkship Thieves by Sarah A. Hoyt. She wrote a fantasy/magic series that I want to check out when my TBR comes down a bit, but this book was touted as space opera–which I like–so I downloaded it to my Kindle and started it Sunday afternoon, in lieu of a nap. It was a good choice. I finished it last night and I liked it very much. It had romantic elements, but some readers might not consider it a traditional romance. I tend to call books a good read or not. I’m not that complex. (grin) It was, IMHO, a rousing good tale.

On the film front, I ordered the new version of Emma. I’m a sucker for all the adaptations, and like others have my favorites. I ordered it on the recommendation of a friend, so have yet to see it. Finding the necessary hours might be a challenge, since my book IS calling my name, but looking forward to it, nonetheless.

Mostly I’m doing a lot of mulling on the new book. It’s going to have some steampunk elements, but I have to wonder if steampunk readers will agree with me and if there is such a thing as “traditional” steampunk elements in a genre that is so diverse and un-traditional? No matter, my story will be what it will be. I have learned long ago not to argue with my Muse. She’s more cranky than Mother Nature this year.

If you are a writer, I’ve got a couple of website only sales on my non-fiction, writing handbooks. And I feel like a four year old with ADD as I wait for reviews of Girl Gone Nova to start trickling in. Bad, when you consider they won’t start showing up until the end of March or later. It’s just been a while. 🙂

It’s been a crazy winter down here, in that its actually BEEN cold for days at a time. My hubby likes to point out that I want us to retire to Wyoming, so I should quit whining and just adapt. He’s not wild about the cold anymore, so he’s hoping I’ll wimp out. I have to admit my inner wimp has been trying for a coup de tat. (Have no clue if I spelled that right and the spell checker is no help!)

So have read/watched anything smoking cool? I know winter is kicking trash all over the country, so if you want to whine with me, feel free! But keep in mind, if its cold outside, curling up with a good book is the best cure I know. 🙂

May your books be long and satisfying and your chocolate close at hand.
Perilously yours,

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