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Alex’s Woes Get a Downshift to Worse!

Catch another snippet from Relatively Risky!

Relatively Risky by Pauline Baird JonesAlex’s woes are about to downshift to worse in this snippet from Relatively Risky, the first book in my Big Uneasy series. 

Haven’t heard of my series? Here’s the short version: 

Rapid pacing, a sense of humor, lovable characters, and the no-holds-barred New Orleans setting make for a perfect storm of a mystery series. 

And here is your snippet!

He’d shut off the engine and thrust open the door, anxious to get unconscious as soon as possible. He should have known better. He should have kept an eye on his surroundings. Which was why the stinking little piece of crap got the drop on him, down shifting his night from bad to worse.

“Life’s not fair,” his dad would say about now. “But it’s always interesting, bubba.”

And about to get more so, Alex realized. The swearing, while tiresome, had drowned out the unlikely figure on a bicycle bearing down on them both.

👉Find out more about Alex Baker’s woes New Orleans woes at your favorite online bookstores!🚓‼️

The Big Uneasy series by Pauline Baird Jones
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