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Now What Did I Write about Christmas?

A short roundup of posts of Christmases past...

Christmas lights

Nativity in Blue
Christmas lights in Cody, Wyoming
Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

I decided that before I started a post about Christmas, I should see what I’ve already written on the subject. I am getting old enough to start repeating myself. A lot.

So as I’m browsing through the old posts, I realize that maybe you haven’t been around my blog long enough to have seen them. So I thought I’d do a little round-up of my Christmases past:

See our redacted Christmas letter (possibly the last I ever sent out): The holiday letters are starting to arrive, which got me thinking about ours. But as you can see, something happened during the crafting of the letter To keep reading…

The Feasting is Finished – Let the Baking Begin! – You would think that food would be the last thing on my mind and honestly, I thought I’d never be hungry again. But our bodies do not rest on our feasts. To keep reading…

Let’s Talk Cookies – I LOVE cookies. I was a cookie monster before there was a Cookie Monster. So it is kind of sad that there will be no cookie baking in my house this Christmas. It’s not that I’ve suddenly become anti-cookie, nor has there been a Tragedy.  To keep reading…

My Ghosts of Christmases past – As part of my Adventure in Wyoming, I’ve stirred up a lot of ghosts. Thankfully, I’m not Scrooge, so they seem to be benign. But there is something about Christmas that really brings out the memories – the good, the bad, even the crazy. To keep reading…

Reading Christmas – One Christmas, I realized that in my own way, I was limiting myself, too. It wasn’t Dicken’s fault that that person only read his books. So I decided to read A Christmas Carol for the holidays. To keep reading…

I hope you enjoyed my little holiday roundup and the month is going well for you so far.

Perilously yours,


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