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A Snowy #Wormhole?

snowy river

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

You have probably already noticed that this is not a wormhole or even an image I can spin into a wormhole. And yet, for me, coming home has been a bit like jumping into a wormhole that has taken me into the past.

This past has winters with snow, and temperatures so cold your jeans feel stiff when you go outside and your breath catches in your throat. I am probably crazy for loving this, but I am.

I guess I’m a Wyoming gal at heart and always will be.

What about you? Have you ever felt like you’ve jumped through a wormhole to something new? Strange? Familiar? I love comments so much that I pick a favorite to receive my monthly AnaBanana gift basket ($25 value).  Recipient is announced the first blog post of the new month.

Perilously yours,


P.S. As you know, I did a little jump into a holiday wormhole with a science fiction Christmas release with my dear friend, Genie. All I Got For Christmas is about gifts we think we want and gifts we didn’t know we’d get. And time travel and aliens. It’s a little dark, a little light, a lot of fun. 🙂

cover for All I Got for Christmas

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