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A Sneaky #Wormhole

great scene with power lines

Salute to Power Line Engineers! (Expletives Deleted)
For several years I have been observing what a keen photographic eye the engineers who design and lay out power lines have. They know all the best photographic shots and angles and THEN THEY CLUTTER THEM UP WITH UGLY POWER LINES!!!!! THIS FORCES THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO HUNT FOR AN ANGLE NOT BLOCKED BY A (expletive deleted) POWER LINE! Not that I am excitable about the subject or anything nor do I really CARE. So I have become a calm, reasonable guy and now looks for the beauty in such situations. The graceful black lines delicately decorating the scene are sometimes accented by those adorable little balls that the engineers seemly randomly put on the lines. For example here in the Post Oak Belt of Texas near Caldwell an engineer has delightfully enhanced Mother Nature’s handiwork with his black lines. STUPID, DUMB, (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED)ING ENGINEER!!!! Copyright by EXPLETIVE DELETED wyojones. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

So I found this photo and rant on the hubs’ Flickr page. It made me LOL, but I also had to dispute his findings. Those are not power lines, but hidden-in-plain-sight wormhole trails.

Just saying.

Have you ever wanted to take an awesome picture and found the view blocked by man-made obstructions? Or just man? Have you ever thought, “Just move a little, a little more…” Sigh.

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