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A Quick Kickstarter 411

Do you have questions about how it all works? I can help with that!

Pauline Baird Jones project we love The Cyborg ChroniclesHave you noticed me talking about Kickstarter in social media posts and thought, “I don’t know anything about Kickstarter, and besides, I’m happy shopping at Amazon or Apple Books or Kobo or Barnes & Noble. Why should I change now?

Let me ask you a question. Do you like well-written books? Do you like getting unique and fun swag from authors? Maybe it’s a poster or just a postcard?

I can’t offer the special extra swag through an online bookstore. I don’t have any way to attach swag—digital or otherwise—to my books on Amazon or elsewhere. 

But…I can through Kickstarter! 

Are you worried about how to get the books onto your eReader? You don’t need to be! The books will be delivered through Bookfunnel! And the swag will be bundled into a zip file and arrive in your email inbox.

Let’s talk swag for a minute because I’m so excited about the digital swag I created just for this event!

First, let me start by saying every edition, both in the reward tiers and the add-ons (you can add others of my books just by clicking add-ons!), has bonus content that won’t be available in online bookstores. 

And—this is the part I love!–you will get the books well before they appear at online booksellers. 

I thought I’d use a picture to show you some of the swag you can get by backing my Kickstarter. And the best part? It’s all digital. Everything.

Pauline Baird Jones Cyborgs Revenge Sample Rewards

No trees dying, nothing to throw away or find a place for, no worries about the supply chain and you can print it out once you do know where you want it. 

The only thing to fear is an electromagnetic event. 🙄

But we won’t go there. Okay, I went there, but we can back slowly away. LOL 

Whew, now that we’re done with that, here’s a graphic to help you navigate Kickstarter, if this is your first time there.

The Kickstarter 411

Do you still have questions? Please ask! I might not have covered something you are curious about. 

So I’ll end by saying, please pop over and take a look—and even better—back my project so you can get my books early! Here’s the link for you!

Perilously yours,


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