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9 Weird or Interesting Facts about March. You Be the Judge

March has some interesting creds.

March 14 - Weird Facts - Pauline Baird Jones

We’re almost halfway through March, so I thought it would be fun to find out of March facts are as interesting as February Facts were. 

Turns out, March has some interesting creds.

Did you know…

That in an old Roman calendar, years were ten months long, starting with March and running through December. I’m not sure how long the months had to be, cutting out two whole months. 

The “Ides of March” is tomorrow (the 15th). It’s not just the day Julius Caesar was murdered, but a day for settling debts. (There was a time when bills were settling on either the first or the fifteenth, instead of all over the place.)

March has two birthstones (aquamarine and bloodstone) and two birth signs: Pisces and Aries.

Though we can’t always tell here in Wyoming, the first month of spring starts around the 19th-21st of March. The 21st is also the Vernal Equinox.

March is like September in the Southern Hemisphere. 

March and June always end on the same day. 

March is when animals begin to wake from hibernation (note to self: find bear spray!).

According to statistics, March is the most unproductive month of the year. Why? The NBA games. 🙄

The first phone call was made in March.

There you go! You be the judge! Weird or interesting?

Perilously yours,


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