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Wishing for a Wormhole with Anne Louise Bannon

LAPD building

Copyright by Anne Louise Bannon. Used with permission.

Anne Louise Bannon visits again today to talk wormholes! Did you miss her post on Wednesday about her book, A Ring for a Second Chance? If you did, be sure to pop back in time and read it! Very fun “Why She Wrote” post!

I took this while waiting for a bus in Downtown Los Angeles (yes, we really do have public transportation here). It’s the City Hall reflected in the windows of the L.A.P. D. building across First St. The thing is, it’s so clearly a wormhole, but how to relate it to my fantasy novel A Ring for a Second Chance, featuring characters that live in the early-ish 19th Century in an imaginary world on the edge of faerydom? Wait. This is L.A., the city that’s a movie set. It does get pretty surreal here. So why not have my characters land here eventually. Or at least they’re descendants.

Note from Pauline: I with Anne. I think that could totally be a wormhole! What about you? Wormhole? Not a wormhole? Let’s show some comment love to thank Anne for visiting twice!

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