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#Wishing for a #Wormhole is Back!

Stone portal

Gardens, 2016 Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Yes, the wormhole is back! I know there has been a lot of Pets in Space here the last couple of months, but I was/am super excited about the anthology and particularly the fact we were donating 10% of the first month’s proceeds to Hero-Dogs.org. Well, the first month is over, so we’ll start dialing back the pets and dialing up…


You know we love the wormholes around here and the hubs knows it and tries to take a few photos for me to use. Because he is just awesome like that.

So, did you miss the wormholes? Seen any wormhole action around your part of the world?

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