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Special Report! Tinsel Town Live and #Humor #Giveaway!

Tinsel Town graphic

I have breaking news! This Dead Author is going to be live on Tinsel Town (on Facebook Nov. 7, 2016 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time) with the amazing Melissa Reyes. And I won’t be alone! The awesome and completely alive, Jean Walker, aka Veronica Scott and my partner in putting together the Pets in Space anthology, will be joining me (barring any technical difficulities)!

We’ll be talking about Pets in Space and Hero Dogs with Melissa and answering all kinds of questions about our crazy adventure with pets, space, and herding authors. I hope you’ll join us with a few questions of your own. I mean, who wants to miss seeing a dead author and her amazing jowls?

And in other fun news, I’m participating in a fun giveaway for humor lovers/readers among you. I’ve giving away a few copies of The Spy Who Kissed MeFor all the details (and to enter), click on the image!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled browsing…