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A “Safe” #Wormhole

The hubs came through this week with a door that actually looks like a wormhole. Or a door to adventure.

It’s actually a safe and would probably be a doorway to the afterlife if you actually went in there and shut the door, but I can hope, can’t I? Honestly, just looking at that door makes my writing juices churn. If only I had a time turner so I had more hours in my day.

(Thinking of Hermione reminds me of this guy we saw on a British show last night. Seriously, the dude looked like he was a Hogwarts professor. #Nottheshowforthat)

So, dear readers, would you go through that door? Wear a Hogwarts cape and hat in a serious situation? #UptightWyomingGirl (You know I had to ask. lol)

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