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Revisiting Why I Wrote the First Project Enterprise (The Key)

The Key cover

Where it all started!

With the official release of Found Girl: Project Enterprise 6 tomorrow (!!!), I thought it would be fun to go back to the first book and revisit how it happened.

The Key was never meant to be a book. It wasn’t meant to be anything. I’d been OD-ing on Stargate Atlantis and got an idea for the show yeah, total fan fiction that I could NOT get out of my head. In desperation, I decided to just write it down. Put it on paper and GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

Well, over one hundred pages later, I realized there were two things I was not going to get out of my head without writing their story: Sara Donovan and Kiernan Fyn.

They weren’t characters to me. They lived and breathed. Okay, maybe not breathed, but they haunted me. I think Sara invaded me (I was going to say infested but that sounds kind of creepy.) When I was out and about even just out to the mailbox I’d see the world from my point of view and hers. It was a strange sensation.

I realized the only way to get all of my brain back was to write her story.

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The Key trivia: The Key has had three covers and was traditionally published before my rights reverted and I went indie. It is my third best-selling book (after The Last Enemy and The Spy Who Kissed Me – both books that have been out a lot longer. Thanks for loving my adventure into space!)

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