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When a Wormhole Looks Like a Bridge

photo of covered bridge

Island Covered Bridge in Afternoon Light
This Bridge connects to an Island in the West River. Not much water was running through the river channel on the west side of the Island the day I was there as is evident in the photo. A beautiful place. The lane which crosses the bridge leads to a few homes/ cabins built on the Island. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

When a bridge looks that innocent, I’d be a bit worried. Those pesky wormholes can hide anywhere. At least, they are always a bit random in the movies, and they’d know, wouldn’t they? And if a wormhole looked like a wormhole, then everyone would know exactly where they are. So there you have it.

If that bridge WAS a wormhole, where do you think it would take you? Fantasy story or SF story? I always vote for the SF story, because I love ’em, but it does have a bit of a fantasy vibe. I’d be a bit wary of crossing it because I might have to learn to be a wizard or rescue someone and I’d probably suck at that.

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P.S. If you aren’t planning a trip through a wormhole, but might be reading this weekend, well, now you can do both. STEAMROLLED has several wormhole trips. Messy ones, but totally safe for the reader. And you can try the first part for FREE. four covers of steamrolled parts