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It was wonderful with great gentle humor!

Reviews by Martha

When the future collides with the past, something is bound to change…

Colonel Braedon Carey’s test flight through a time-space portal will change his life forever. An unexpected impact during transit lands him somewhere in south Texas – where things don’t look quite the same.

Miss Olivia Carstairs is a woman ahead of her time – for the 1890s. During a test of a new machine she has invented, she finds she has lost her boss and her way. There is also the mysterious Dr. Smith who is hunting for her and her machine.

On the run, the future and past intertwine as Brae and Olivia search for a way to return to the future. The problem is – can they do it before Dr. Smith catches up with them? If they don’t, the future may never be the same. Join an action packed time travel adventure that readers have raved about! Anything is possible when you get Tangled in Time!

“…this novella will appeal to readers across genres, offering romance, suspense, and mystery all wrapped up in an intriguing Sci-Fi plot that grabs the reader from beginning to end.” Midwest Book Review

“Tangled in Time had me tangled in a good book.” Manic Readers

“Two people out of time and space collide in an engaging tale of lighthearted romance and daring adventure.” Coffee Time Romance

Extras: How Olivia Got her Job and Tangled in Time Trivia