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The author’s vivid descriptions of the storm, lightning, specters and the evil being that resides in the storm give this tale a real horror story feel. The horror and dimensional time travel aspects of the story remind me a bit of Baird’s Steampunked. Specters in the Storm is a stand alone story though and it was well worth spending a few hours out in the elements!

Whiskey with my Book

Specters, Automatons & Evil, oh my!

The Great Storm of 1900 changed Ernest Warren’s life.

Destroying Galveston, Texas, the storm took the lives of thousands of people—including the love of his life. Vowing to steer clear of love and devote his life to saving the lives of others, Ernest sets out in his steam-powered airship with his trusty automaton crew, determined to unravel Mother Nature’s deepest secrets.

But when strange and disturbing storms begin to brew in unpredictable places, Ernest must face his grief head-on. Reluctantly, he accepts the help of inter-dimensional time traveler, Prudence Pinkerton. Together, they must act fast, as time is running out. But trusting a woman might even be more impossible than fighting the storms for a man like Ernest. Clocks are ticking faster than usual as the world is on the cusp of a life-altering change. Can Ernest and Prudence conquer Mother Nature and weather the storm together?

Buy it now and take a journey that is “…full of suspense, humor, mystery, drama, secrets, lots of action…”