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Jones concludes her Project Universe series with this fun, fast-paced tale

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Ashe is a time traveler and time fixer, both unusual and difficult jobs. Her assignment: Help fight off the baddie trying to hose Time. Her reward: Time kicks her somewhere and some when where she is stuck dealing with an alien warrior who is about to be erased.

Warrior and sometime bad guy, Vidor Shan wants to find his brother and get back to his life. Instead, he finds a beautiful alien in the middle of a crater on a planet that is suddenly unstable in ways that violate known laws of science.

Ashe claims that time is twitching and that someone is trying to not just kill Vidor, but erase him from all time.  Vidor and Ashe must learn to trust each other even as the future changes before their eyes, transporting them from one dangerous adventure to another.

Click on an incredible journey that reviews call “the perfect ending to a favorite scifi series.”

“KICKING ASHE by award winning author Pauline Baird Jones is the final awesome book in the Project Enterprise series…Fast paced suspense with just a dash of romance, KICKING ASHE is the perfect ending to a favorite sci/fi series.” Single Titles

“Whether you prefer straight science fiction or like yours with a dash of romance, this is a very enjoyable read.” LASR-SFF

“If you love science-fiction romance, then you will want to read KICKING ASHE…” Romance Junkies

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“Jones concludes her Project Universe series with this fun, fast-paced tale. Ashe is a tough, no-frills heroine with plenty of spunk and a lovable companion, her nanite Lurch, who steals the show with his snark. Filled with plenty of humor and sexual tension, this quick read is ideal for lovers of sci fi romance.” RT Book Reviews

“This is a series of stories that I can see myself revisiting again in the future when I want something fast paced and fun with strong heroines and hunky heros, even if some of them are completely alien!” Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf

“Pauline’s novels are perfect for smart women on the move. Her heroines love adventure but are, at the core, still women….Kicking Ashe is an awesome read, so don’t pass up the chance to experience Ashe, Vidor and Lurch’s adventure.” FirePages