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eReader Diving #3: A WIZARD SCORNED

photo of an eBookman eReader

My “old” eBookman.

For this week’s eReader diving adventure, I time traveled a bit. Well, inside my head. I was digging through a drawer and found my “old” eBookman. I hadn’t turned it on since 2006! But when I added batteries, it booted up and look what I found! A Wizard Scorned was my first, non-New York publisher released novel. It opened up the world of indie reading to me. Loved this book.

Sadly, the author has passed on, but I was glad to see this book is still available to readers. Here’s the blurb:

“Jane Murdock doesn’t believe in magic, wizards, or any other matters arcane, but that doesn’t stop her from running afoul a wizard and feeling the full brunt of the old adage: Hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned.

Will, an untried wizard, is only trying to take wizard-order brides back to his home world when he, too, finds trouble can wear a beautiful face. The trouble can be very bad, for him and the brides, especially when the pretty face belongs to the evil, love-struck wizard Cordelia, who has been scorned by unicorn rancher, Max Farrel.

Cursed and forced to wander the worlds as a great silvery-eyed cat, Sojourner was once a man and a wizard, but he can never regain his human shape until he finds That Which Was Lost.”

How far back do you have to go back in time to find a book that opened up something new to you as a reader?

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